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About us


Get On Board is all about improving the lives of people with learning disabilities.

We provide training to organisations and help them to improve their services for people with learning disabilities. 

We also hold events and conferences, and send out regular newsletters to let people with learning disabilities know about important information.

We want to make sure people with learning disabilities know about their rights.

Get On Board Directors

Carol Coe

Carol Coe

"I am a parent carer of a daughter with learning and physical disabilities,
I have been co chair of the Learning Disability Partnership Board for 5 years, before that I was chair of governors at a senior special school.
I am passionate about people with learning disabilities having the same rights as everyone else. I will support our local champions across the county to make businesses understand what it is like to have a disability, and what they can offer the workforce and the community. I look forward to working closely with Dawn and Luisa to achieve our objectives."

Dawn Line

Dawn Line

 "I am a parent carer, and I am passionate about people with learning disabilities. I believe they should all be excepted in our society and not discriminated against. They should have choice about their lives with full support to achieve it.

I was part of the Learning Disability Partnership Board from the start when Valuing People started in 2001. I had various roles on the Board. One of which was to support one of the Co- Chairs.

Another role was and still being part of the Keep Safe group, which through Get on Board will remain an important part of our organisation. 

As well as being a director for Get on Board I am also a director with DK&A which is a social enterprise. I run a group called ‘It’s My Life’ a dance and drama group. I also support some people to remain independent in their own home.  The other part of our organisation is to advocate for people who need a bit of extra support to carry on living a normal life."

Luisa Jepson

Luisa Jepson

"I'm really excited to be working with Carol, Dawn and the Champions in Get On Board. I think it's really important that we tell organisations and businesses how they can be accessible for people with learning disabilities. I helped set up the Keep Safe Scheme in 2011. I want to make sure that as a part of GOB we make sure the police are still being trained and know about Keep Safe. There are lots of other people we need to work with to help them understand about learning disabilities.  So Get On Board is here to do just that."

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